After they got married, Murad and Natalia Osmann, the beautiful and creative couple behind the #FollowMeTo Instagram project, went on an amazing honeymoon – and took us along with them!

Osmann’s signature photos, which feature his girlfriend (now happily married wife) leading him around the world, have been part of an ongoing project since 2011. We’ve watched their relationship blossom as they’ve shared their travels, engagement and even wedding with their followers using their unique take on life.

They’ve put together a book of their photos that you can find on Amazon. Be sure to check out their Instagram too so that you can continue following their adventures together!

More info: muradosmann | Facebook | Amazon | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: elitedaily, demilked)

The #FollowMeTo photographer started following his girlfriend around the world in 2011

In 2015, Murad and Natalia Osmann got engaged and married

Recently, the famous couple travelled to Las Vegas for their honeymoon…

…followed by a spectacular trip to Maldives!


Their photographs always follow the same signature style


Where will they ask us to follow them to next?