Have you ever wondered what happens if you leave an artist in a room full of paper? One summer when I was nearing the end of my foundation course I set myself the task – 2 months, 16,000 pieces of paper, 1 mission to break the creative block that had begun to ravage what was left of my practice.

Creative block is more than just an annoyance, the total and utter absence of any creative ideas, just blackness enveloping your mind where normally veritable plethora of artistic lunacy used to reside. Having creative block particularly over a prolonged period of time can be downright soul destroying!

As you expect from a guy of my generation the first port of call to try and beat this was to seek advice from the internet. You’d imagine that the internet would be teeming with helpful advice to try to alleviate creative block, blogs and ideas on how to beat it. They offered me little respite, nothing seemed to work. With the end of my 2 year diploma in art and design in sight and little to no ideas appearing in my mentally exhausted mind I had little choice on how to proceed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. To all but lock myself away in my studio and force myself to create something, anything!

80,000 (approx) folds later…

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