Nature is the most direct and intense inspiration. Most of my works were created inspired by the world around me and my own perception of it. The series ‘Organic’ concentrates on exploring of the nature, especially flora.

My main inspiration was my trip to India. I discovered the intense colors and fantastic shapes, as well as unearthly architectural motives. They are available there in the everyday existence while almost unparalleled in Europe. I’m also inspired by the botanical works of the biologist and traveler, Ernst Haeckel.

My works are created through the accumulation of the details and layers. Each of them is somehow an individual collection of signs and motives, creating a whole new system. My painting joins expressive abstraction with figurative elements. I try not to limit myself in the choice of technique – I use acrylic or oil on canvas mostly. I am also exploiting pastels, sprays, varnish and glitters. Part of ‘Organic’ series has been painted on the oval canvas made in my studio. Round shapes underline cyclical nature of the world, recurrence and stability constantly present in our existence.

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Each morning we are born again

Waiting for the bees to come

Into the wind

Make some noise

Pick your own


Dark side


Daytime gardem


Like the wind