I created a series of watercolor flowers for every letter of the alphabet. Each letter was done while my 1-year-old was napping (all new Moms out there will appreciate how precious those naps are – especially in the first year).

This is the Part 1 – I am hoping to finish all 26 and make it into a book by the time my baby is 2 so we can learn together:) Hope you like it!

More info: annabucciarelli.com

“G” is for Gladiolus

“J” is for Japanese Maple and Yellow Jasmine

“K” is for Keilour Violet Poppy and Kigelia Afrikana

“L” is for Lily

“M” is for Magnolia

“N” is for Nasturtium

“O” is for Orchid

“P” is for Pansy

“R” is for Rose and Rhododendron

“S” is for Sweet Pea

“T” is for Thanksgiving Cactus

“V” is for Virginia Bluebells and Venus’ Slipper Orchid

Making of: