Jack B is set to become the U.Ks first male super model who also happens to have Downs Syndrome.

Jack has recently been photographed by the world famous photographer RANKIN, for HUNGER magazine.

His model agency Zebedee Management who solely represent people with various physical and learning disabilities and difficulties say;

” Our phone has been ringing non stop with enquires about Jacks availability. He is in such high demand, it wonderful that the fashion and media worlds are now realising how important it is to be inclusive and represent all sections of society. We are thrilled for Jack, this success could not happen to a nicer young man.”

RANKIN and many more high fashion brands have loved working with Jack and the feedback he has received has been incredible.

Jacks mum Julia says; “Jack’s dream has always been to be on stage and to be a star, he loves performing and making people laugh. We knew that he was a natural in front of a camera but we were amazed at his professionalism when he was photographed recently by RANKIN for Hunger magazine. Jack’s whole extended family are immensely proud of him and we’re so pleased that he has been given this opportunity by Zebedee Management. Their vision for people living with additional needs to be represented in the media and fashion world has given Jack, and many others, the chance to show WHO they are and not be hidden behind a diagnosis. Zebedee Management are like a family, with models and families supporting each other in whatever they are doing. Jack’s having a wonderful time living his dream and it’s all down to Laura and Zoe from Zebedee Management”

Jack will be featuring in a huge catwalk event this month and has several big jobs booked in- Jack really is set for super stardom and he is taking the fashion world by storm.

More info: zebedeemanagement.co.uk