This year one of my biggest dreams came true – I met wild horses. I mean I literally stood in between large herds surrounded by prying, gentle animals. Contrary to my expectation to meet animals which are wild and untamed, I found trust, love and pure curiosity. A big longing for harmony and peace is the essential emotion which vibrates through the air. Of course, the stallions demonstrated their power, but it was more show and play fighting than serious matters. Most of the time a gentle hug or a squeal were enough to settle things. Never in my life I felt so comfortable standing in a horse herd. The wild horses were highly sensitive and well aware of their surroundings. Stallions pranced around me, chasing each other without putting me in danger. And sometimes a really interested individual came closer to be touched.

Those wild horses demonstrated the perfect harmony with nature, human beings and themselves. They are extremely strong and tough animals and none of them needs a vet, a barn, a farrier, a blanket or a human. All they want is a wide open field and family. Maybe we should learn from nature to understand the necessities of our domesticated horses a lot better. There is a wild heart beating in their chests, too. It would be of great benefit for all horses if horse owners and riders would learn from this unspoiled and natural way of living and reconsider their way of horse keeping.

A massive thanks to Maksida Vogt who’s organizing the wild horse experience in Bosnia and sharing her knowledge about equine behavior and health.

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