The Fiesta de Los Vaqueros in Tucson was not my first rodeo. It was, however, my first daytime rodeo and my first one after having embraced film photography.

The Tucson Rodeo in 2019 was the first scene I shot on medium format through my brand new 70-year-old Wirgin Deluxe. I had no idea what would come out, and I could not have been more pleased. You’ll easily know which frames were from the Wirgin by their square shape and the (I think!) really interesting red and blue light leaks.

There are so many phenomenal rodeo photographers out there who really capture the emotion and the pride and toughness of the cowboys and cowgirls up close. I, unfortunately, am not one of those. I do, however, like to capture life around the arena and especially enjoy grabbing that dramatic wide shot of the athlete and animal alone in the arena as the dust hangs in the air.

I went back this year and captured two of my favorite exposures to date, but I won’t point out which those are.

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Who’s Next. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Section C. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Find Your Seat. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Waiting for the Next Rider. 35 mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Mutton Huddle. 35 mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

Grandstand in Red and Blue. 120. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

Bullring Setup. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

By the Horns. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Face Down. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Steer Wrestling. 35 mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

Tie-Down Roping. 120. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

A Clean Run. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Steers After Work. 35mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Horses in Corral. 35 mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

Horses in Sunlight. 120. Tucson, Arizona, 2019

Looking Toward Next Year. 35 mm. Tucson, Arizona, 2020