Even the Romans were mining salt in Torda, Transylvania. The current salt mine was opened in 1690 and it remained operational until 1932.

A while ago a recreational park was created in the mine with an investment of 7M eur for medicinal purposes. There’s entertainment, the air is clean and the temperature is constantly between 10-12 C°: ideal conditions for recovery from a number of illnesses. All areas are named after members of the Habsburg dynasty.

The 917 m long main corridor is the Franz Joseph gallery.


The terrace above the Maria Theresa mine.

Even the security net is made of salt.

The trails that lead to the Panoramic elevator (accommodates 7) are beautifully and naturally decorated with salt.

The old salt highlighting structure.

The structure of the Ferris wheel lit by leds.

Only two of us on the Ferris wheel.

View of the Rudolf shaft from the top of the Ferris wheel.

View on the mini golf courses and the pool tables. We can also find here an amphitheater with 100 heated seats, a sports track and various exhibitions.

View on the top of the Rudolf shaft from below.

The Panoramic elevator.

Wooden bridge to the salt island in the shaft named after Marie Therese.

View from the Salt Island.

The bell-shaped Theresa mine 112 meter deep with a 8m deep salt lake that’s 75m in diameter – ideal for boating.