I create sculptures with natural wool fleece inspired by my surroundings in the British countryside.

Then, I recreate my characters as illustrations using pen and ink.

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“Sky Leaper”

Illustration for Christmas card

Luna the Hare

Needle felted sculpture on natural wood base

“Planting Toadstools” featuring Thickett the Gnome

Christmas card illustration

Thickett the Gnome

Needle felted character with a walnut shell basket

“A Warm Welcome” featuring Russet the Country Mouse

Christmas card illustration

Russet the Country Mouse

Needle felted model

“On Winter’s Wings” featuring the Robin King and his fairy friend

Christmas card illustration

The Robin King

Needle felted model with a crown

“Warmest Winter Wishes”

Christmas card illustration

The artist’s home


Needle felted fairy with iridescent wings on hazel wreath