Late August I revealed five new murals in my ‘Caravaggio Street Art Series’ based of the Italian baroque master Caravaggio’s most famous works of art.

I’m a big fan of Caravaggio’s paintings and also very fascinated by his life and destiny. He was deeply religious and often hired by the pope and the cardinals in Italy because of his painting skills. But in the same time he was also a trouble maker, ending up as a brutal killer and looked upon as a sexual pervert. This duality of life is very inspiring to me.

Conceptually I juxtapose sweet innocence with our darker sides. What I do is to take strong symbols and characters from history and popular culture and then I put them together to give them a new meaning. I look upon my paintings as comments to what’s going on in the real world right now.

The five street art installations are located in the western suburbs of Stockholm, including Madenvägen 6 in Sundbyberg, Lillsjö Canal, Alviks Strand and Skogängsvägen in Spånga.

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The Maid


Ronald with a Basket of Fruit

Drunk Cupid


The Caravaggio Street Art Series