Have you ever seen LEGO photo of the WW II, or LEGO rally driver, or perhaps Darth Vader as a barista? No? Then this is your article!

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I started this LEGO photography – or I would say “Legography” – in June 2016. I made some attempts earlier, but then I hadn’t enough technical knowledge and suitable equipment. For eg.: camera, lens, etc.

I am a big LEGO fan and I love creating stories of little figures. In my new photo series, I created more spectacular pictures than ever. It’s all here! Vintage mood World War II, Dakar rally, Star Wars, Sailing etc. I try to take living and realistic photos with dynamism and real scenery. I would like to introduce a different world. A miniature universe of the LEGO.

I didn’t use Photoshop manipulation (of course the lightsabers are not real). I built the scenes indoor or chose a suitable place, for example in a park. I squirted water or blew smoke if it was necessary. There is two photos wich include a little PS effect because I couldn’t avoid it. I have written these details to photos which include manipulation (because the credibility and fairness are so important to me!). Pictures, where it’s not stated, don’t have any PS effects. The natural effects (like mud or smoke) are very complicated to make because it can’t be calculated what will happen. I spent many hours with each picture and the whole series took me more than two months to complete. You can also see some „How it’s made” photos.

I hope that you will like it!

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#3 The Post Office

The Post Office


Adam Havlík 1 year ago

Even Darth Vader loves postcards XD

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#8 The Guys Has Stolen My Coffee...

The Guys Has Stolen My Coffee...


Nancy Arnold 1 year ago

I'm sure we've bean here before...

#9 For Rally Lovers! (The Wheel Blur Is After Process)

For Rally Lovers! (The Wheel Blur Is After Process)


Rosa Kim 12 months ago

looking at these kinds of pictures makes me ponder upon how little talent I posses

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