Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry of Paper-Cut-Project transform simple sheets of paper into dramatic paper wigs for some of the world’s top fashion houses and museums, including Hermes, Cartier, Kate Spade and the Victoria & Albert museum. For their newest collection, on display at Cascais Shopping in Portugal, the Atlanta-based duo drew inspiration from legendary and mythical heroines, goddesses and warriors. “They’re a new set of guardians, valued for their connectedness with nature, intelligence and supernatural skill over thunderbolt-wielding force!”

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Helmet Hair with Floating Spheres

Wysteria Fauxhawk

Futuristic Split Crown

Voluminous Bun with Ice Crystals

Champion Ponytail

Floral Sidesweep

Butterfly Upsweep

Underwater Backsweep

High Divide with Mod Bun

Helmet Hair with Floating Spheres