Armenia is a country rich with culture, history, and amazing architecture. On this trip back in June, I decided to take a different turn and seek out some of the many abandoned theme parks and fairgrounds that lay decaying under the sweltering sun.

I am used to shooting abandoned places with buildings as opposed to structures so this was to be very different to explore that was challenging due to harsh light and heat, although incredibly enjoyable and unique.

Giant rusting Ferris wheels and creepy but colorful carousels make the abandoned theme parks of Armenia so much fun to explore and photograph. I can only imagine how creepy they would be wandering at night as the creaks of rusty metal go against the wind.

Below I have put together a collection of my favorite creepy photos from various kids’ playgrounds I visited across the country. You can see more of these interesting photos on my blog.

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An uncanny resemblance to the Chernobyl Ferris wheel in Ukraine, this one of which is in much better condition and less known

Ferris wheels were common in most neighborhoods in Armenia during the Soviet Era but only a few remain

This colorful wheel stood out amazingly against the overgrowth and landscape

A drone shot above an abandoned carousel

Some of these Ferris wheels have sat scorching underneath the arid heat for over 20 years

I can only imagine how amazing this place was when it was operating although I do find them more appealing abandoned

Not a place to be at night time, a playground of creaks and clangs

These creepy roller coaster carts still hold their color after almost 20 years