Most dogs love going to the park (some even refuse to leave), and will get excited once they find out where they’re going. Imagine, however, if you own multiple 50+ pound dogs. If they share and feed on each other’s excitement, it can become very crazy very soon.

This is exactly what happened to one guy who owns a pack of German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP for short). He recorded their trip to the park, and it’s hilariously adorable. At first, the ride is calm and everyone’s just chilling, but after dad asks “Alright y’all, where are we going?” the crew realizes what’s the destination, and completely loses it. Luckily, their human turns out to be the king of patience.

GSP are considered to be one of the most versatile sporting dogs. They hunt feathered and furred animals and can even trail deer. Pointers need plenty of vigorous exercises otherwise they might become nervous and destructive, so this pack’s love for the park is only natural. It’s in their blood!

More info: YouTube (h/t dodo)