Ana Oliveira started this project on a trip to Switzerland. She found it very interesting to take pictures of what she saw from above.

Since then, she photographs the ground, her work, the food she’s eating, and posts everything on an everyday-photo Instagram project.

More info: Instagram

Just finished my fox/redhead girl, that is kind of an alter-ego

My little ballerinas having some fun while working!

1st of August is beach day! And I couldn’t resist a berliner!

A lot of notebooks to cut, and others ready to pack and deliver. My desk is a mess after a tuff week preparing the yesterday dance show. Back to #bearbooks and #ananastintas!

My super happy baby in my birthday party yesterday

It’s my day! July 13th

This is the end of the lective year for our dance students and so I made this little illustrations with their names for the youngest ones

Black cats and blackberries ❤️

This is Lord, the sweetest English bulldog on earth!

Sunday breakfast before one hour walking with my dog Tobias!

The 1st Sunday of every month there’s a antiquity fair in esposende. I love to see all that old stuff

Today we got some juicy yellow plums!

A wall waterfall

Friends and books, the best company in the first beach day

What are you doing Maio??!!

XVIII Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira. Urban art installation

Today I’m painting my ballerina’s new tutus!

Polaroid and love