Life is weird and wonderful. I like telling stories about mine, and what better way to do that than in graphic short stories, comics if you will.I live and work in Amsterdam, which is great except that the rent is too damn high. Therefore I share my small, creaky, and leaky apartment with my lifelong friend Famke. She’s in my comics too.

Went to a pretentious art school. It turns out comics are not art. Somebody should have told me. I left after a year or so. Or maybe I was kicked out; I forget.

I draw comics for fun; I make psychedelic art for fun, occasionally I do commissions, and when I’m poor, I do odd jobs. These are usually not fun but definitely great material for new comics.

My notebooks are full of graphic stories in all shapes and sizes. Recently I’ve started to produce stories you can read on your phone. I’ve made a pretty awesome website, and I publish my work on Imgur and Reddit. I also dabble at Instagram. So yeah, find me there.

Lots of love,

Jean Dolly.

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