Megalodon, bats, and a goat. These are my makes of the week for .

Buying up the new scraps, and hide overages from local leather manufacturers, I have been making leather monsters for 7 years now. These scarps are waste the artisans would throw away after a product run is over, a colour goes out of vogue, or the hide has too many marks on it.

Monsters will live 60 year or more given the material and superior construction methods I use.

The designer purse or couch that the leather was originally used for is unlikely to enjoy the lifespan of my monsters. A purse at best will be fashionable again in 40 years. Furniture upholstery will be around even less time given use and interior styles.

The skins of animals we eat should be taken care of as long as possible, acknowledge what it is.

People don’t look at their purse or couch and see it as an animal- I do, and I make you wanna look that animal in the eye this time – now look after it.

More info:

Dwarf Bat – Leather Stuffed Animal

Megalodon – Shark Leather Stuffed Animal

Black Phillip – Charles – Goat Plush Leather Animal