Reddit user k-popstar moved to Japan to teach English but when he went to the local discount clothing stores he saw that there was more work to do here than he had thought at the beginning.

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Just like their competitors in the West, Japanese clothing companies put English words on their shirts and sweaters. But the result is a bit different. Some translations look cute, others are simply unexplainable.

Which one do you like the most? Maybe you have also experienced getting lost in translation at your local store? Add your photos to this list and vote for your favorites!

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#1 Loser Of This

Loser Of This Report

cookimonsta 2 years ago

Take it if you are loser!

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#2 Potato

Potato Report

tarebear 2 years ago

They almost got it right.

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#4 I Think I Like

I Think I Like Report

Melodie 2 years ago

I think so too.

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#7 Don't Choice A Wicked Want Funny!

Don't Choice A Wicked Want Funny! Report

KenjiGracia 2 years ago

maybe it means "dont choose something mean. choose something funny!"

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#8 Benign

Benign Report

AnnaMcHugh 2 years ago

Is there a partner one a says 'Malignant'? Not exactly something you'd wear to an oncology ward...

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#10 Round Eyed Lad

Round Eyed Lad Report

AnnaMcHugh 2 years ago

What is this dwarf bravery thing? That's on two of them - this is very strange...

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#11 World Difference Execute

World Difference Execute Report

Squidney 2 years ago

This is what you need to do to make a word difference: execute

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#13 Clock Over Here

Clock Over Here Report

MjBerman 2 years ago

the time? anyone have the time, for crap's sake?

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#16 Best Smile Again

Best Smile Again Report

Ladynite 2 years ago

This could actually make sense..

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#18 Blitheful

Blitheful Report

Melodie 2 years ago

Blissful except with a lisp

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#19 Forcible

Forcible Report

Aurum Ore 2 years ago

Excellent! Gullible as well hopefully?

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#20 Receptive

Receptive Report

E&A_relentless21 2 years ago

E: I really wanna go to this store now

#21 Guilty Parties Outrageous

Guilty Parties Outrageous Report

LepiCane 2 years ago

i want this :D

#23 Be Ahead.

Be Ahead. Report

akage 2 years ago

be ahead, not a behind.

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#25 Motion

Motion Report

KrisPetersen 2 years ago

Well in Denmark that is how we spell "exercise".

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