Feed Friends Foundation received an urgent call for help for an emaciated dog that was found stuck in a remote location. He was wearing a collar with a long chain attached to it, which was the reason he got stuck. He could not be seen from the road, but luckily he was found by a team that cleans the area regularly. We do not know how long he must have been stuck there, but from the desperate look in his eyes and the terrible shape he was in, we knew that it must have been a while. He looked as if he was ready to give up but of course, we were not going to do let him do that! The amazing team freed him and we took him to the vet immediately.

Together we decided to call this little guy Alex, after the leader of the team that found him. Alex was so tired, hungry and thirsty. Dehydrated and he had a nasty wound with maggots. We knew we would need to find him the best foster possible so he could get a good chance to recover. Our great friend Thea from Alle Hadoc offered to take Alex in and started the intensive recovery process. Luckily, his kind spirit helped him to interact with the dogs and cats and soon he started to look a lot better. If you would have not known about his past, you would have never guessed what he went through. That is also why we were convinced that he would be a great candidate for adoption. Thea found him the best forever home possible, where he now enjoys life to the fullest!

We are so grateful for everyone who has been involved in saving Alex. Every time a dog is saved, it is amazing to see that despite their past, they still love people and fully trust their new owners.

Please help us to save more dogs like Alex and consider donating to Alle Hadoc!

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