If you’re going to challenge the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink on Twitter, you had better come with all of your facts straight. A stand-up comedian and published author named Laurie Kilmartin learned that the hard way when she responded to a recent SpaceX Twitter story on Falcon 9 rocket launch by suggesting Elon Musk’s funds be concentrated toward a more ‘noble’ cause than space science. One of the mogul’s followers decided to step in and inject a dose of logic into the conversation, and the exchange that followed left Kilmartin – and everyone watching from home – literally speechless. Probably the best part of this Elon Musk Twiter exchange is that it’s not just some petty bickering, but rather cold hard facts thrown at those, who didn’t bother to actually interest themselves in the cause of space exploration and science. Scroll down to see the initial Elon Musk tweet that caused this thread and the best tweets on Falcon 9 rocket launch that followed it below!

Though Elon Musk is currently celebrating the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, not everyone is happy about it

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A Twitter user came forward to challenge the use of his funds…

And the exchange that followed was like a raging fire

Mic? On the floor and rolling