Out of 3.9 billion people who’re now in lockdown, a huge portion is particularly vulnerable. The hardest isolation restrictions, a constant fear of the virus, and loneliness are among the things elders go through day by day. And some don’t even have a book to read.

So when a 72-year-old lady put up a note asking the neighbors for spare books or DVDs, everyone got together right away. Twitter user Bon Cliff from London told how they dropped off some goods at her door without too much thinking. But the woman was so touched she left a second thank-you note in the lobby. And it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll read today. With 494.6K likes and 68K retweets, Bon Cliff’s post went viral in an instant, showing just how much joy it brought to everyone.

Twitter user Bon Cliff from London found this note taped to the lobby door

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The elder lady was so touched she wrote this wholesome thank-you letter to her neighbors

Everyone praised the kind-hearted neighbors

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Hans Kluge, the head of the World Health Organization Office for Europe, urged younger people to help the elders. In an online press conference, Kluge said: “Supporting and protecting older people living alone in the community is everyone’s business.” He asked everyone to remember that “physical distancing isn’t social isolation,” and it’s our duty to help the most vulnerable people during the lockdown.

During times of isolation, older people need to have access to supplies, medicine, and nutritious food. Without that, loneliness can easily become torture and have a negative emotional impact. WHO warns that “mental health during anxious times is also a key consideration.” Usually, all it takes to lift a person’s spirits is a 5-minute phone call or bringing a bag with some much-needed items.

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