Imagine being separated from your loved one for the first time in over 50 years. For Tom and Arnisteen Clark, of Fayetteville, Georgia, it seemed that a stay at the Piedmont Hospital earlier this month would force them apart. Since both of them were on the orthopedic surgical floor where none of those rooms have double occupancy, they couldn’t be together.

“I just can’t be away from her,” 96-year-old Tom Clark, who hasn’t been apart from his wife since the Korean War, told the hospital’s staff. “She’s the finest woman in the world.”

The hospital agreed with Mr. Clark. “One [of] our managers, Tina, got some help with the clinical staff to go above and beyond to get special visitation rights,” said a hospital staffer. “He was able to sit there with her for a few hours every single day.” Mr. and Mrs. Clark, married 68 years, have since been released and moved to a rehab facility.

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Tom (96) and Arnisteen Clark (92) haven’t been apart since the Korean War

Image credits: Piedmont Fayette Hospital

They were told they’d have to stay in separate rooms during a recent hospital stay, and Tom said he “just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world”

Image credits: The Clark family

Luckily, the hospital staff agreed to make a special exception for the two senior lover-birds as “it was clearly breaking their hearts”


Image credits: ABC News