I spent eight days travelling around Morocco and what I saw was nothing like I have seen before.

From place to place the people, their lives and how they lived varied dramatically.

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This group were trekking into the Sahara (40 degree heat)

This boy was only 5 or 6 and was just sitting alone waiting

These boys were on their midday break from class

Young men heading home for lunch

This man was riding this mule into the local Suk (market)

Father and son at their stall at the Suk

This man repaired appliances

One of the alleys in Essaouira

Street in Essaouira

Camel in the Sahara waiting for its owner

These ladies were carrying water

Looking for a shade and doing their homework

Young boys unloading a car, supplies for the market and clinic

Local butcher/restaurant

Into the Sahara

Fresh orange juice stand in the Atlas mountains mile from anywhere


Beautiful nature