I am a video director from San Francisco, living in Prague. Last year I met a kind woman, Xenia Sulimenko, through a property photo shoot for Airbnb. As I got to know her, she told me of a favorite past time of hers, an ancient tradition some say comes from Turkey.

It’s called Ebru, a surreal and magical art form whereby you place paint in water and through a very interesting process, you are able to manipulate the paint throughout the water, swirling it, dabbing it, creating fantastic images that sooth the mind, body and soul. The process is more than half the pleasure.

She asked me to create a video showing the magical art form in action by a very talented Ebru artist in Russia named Olga Kaprova.


More info: ebru-world.com

The paint magically attaches itself to the canvas

Dabbing paint through water

Swirling paint through water