Every year I capture an Easter squirrel photo series. Always with new scenes and props. This time the big difference is that there is still 1-meter snow laying in the end of March here in the middle of Sweden. More than five white months and the spring is sleeping still.

It is clear that these wonderful animals are looking forward to the spring with fresh new food and hiding their food in the fresh earth instead of hiding it in the cold snow.

The squirrels look a little bit like Easter bunnies, with their long ears and big feet. Squinnies would be a nice name.

I captured many more photos which can be seen in the video together with squirrel movie scenes.

© Geert Weggen, use of all my photos only with my permission.

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This squirrel is preparing to be a mamma

Egg vehicle

Chick has born

Holding the egg in place

Breaking eggs with a hammer


Stealing the eggs

Breaking eggs is not easy

Waiting for the traffic lights

The police found a stolen egg

Very effective

Holding the eggs in place

This is the egg dance

The egg thief

A good way to get eggs open

Egg guillotine

Egg cracker

With one foot

Egg crasher

Shooting a arrow to brake the egg

Egg cracker

Squirrels try to break Easter eggs