The Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a yearly event held in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) since 2002. It is focussed on all facets of design, product, fashion, graphic, furniture, art, architecture, photography, food, etc.

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Unlike most of the other design weeks held worldwide it's not run by big brand names in expensive venue's, the DDW is spread over about a hundred locations and showcasing products from 2000+ designers. Lots of these locations are the actual workshops of the designers displaying there products, giving you a behind the scenes view.

As a designer living in Eindhoven this week is always a treat making sure I clear my schedule as best as possible for the event to visit most of the locations every year.

Although I'm not a photographer or even have a professional camera (all shot and edit with my phone) I wanted to share a small fraction of this event on Boredpanda.

Hope you will all enjoy.


Concrete And 3d Printed Pendants



The Cosmic Garden



Exibition @vdma



Spinning Strings (fyi Not Soap Bubbles), Veemgebouw



Industrial Concrete Pendants



Close Up



Colourfull Pendant Lights






Cosmic Close Up