I have dreamed about Lofoten in Norway for a long time. I wanted to photograph all the beautiful places that I saw in the photo of other photographers. I also wanted to see and photograph the northern lights (aurora borealis). But I wanted to do it differently than everyone else.

Norway is a magical country veiled in mystery, legends and myths about Vikings.

The Vikings believed that the world was ruled by gods. Odin was the most important for them – the god of war, wisdom and magic. Freya was the most important goddess. Odin had daughters – Valkyries. Sky warriors whose task was to bring the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla.

The Valkyrie’s images differs. You can find drawings on which they wear armor, spear and shield. However, the most probable image of Valkyrie is a woman in a dress and coat, obligatory with a horn. Goddess filled the horn with hydromel and watered them before taking them to Valhalla.

Because of my warlike character, I decided to become a Valkyrie for a week and add extra magic to the extraordinary Norwegian landscapes.

It was not an easy task. I was a photographer and model at the same time. I also had to fight with low temperature and a strong cold wind.

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