I spent the first 2 years of my childhood with my mother in Saddam’s prison and I couldn’t see my father till I was 7, he was in the prison too, just because he refused to obey the rule of Saddam. My name is Ali Alamedy, I was born in Kerbala, 100KM from Baghdad the capital of Iraq. I have always dreamed of having my own room full of toys and books. My mother taught me reading and writing when I was only 5 years old. I was an avid reader but yet I couldn’t have my own room.

Six years ago, by chance, I stumbled across some kind of Balsa wood and immediately decided to build my first project – a small farm scene. I tried Googling for how-to videos or tutorials to help, but I had no idea what the models were called. Once I finally worked out I needed to include the word “Miniatures” in my search box, I happily found there are quite a few miniature artists around the world. I began networking and making friendships with other artists, and gradually my work got attention.

A few months ago a publisher contacted me and asked me if we could work together on a childrens book by using miniatures scenes instead of illustrations, I couldn’t resist the idea of building my dream room, I spent months in making that room, enjoying every second, when its done I was so happy that finally I could build my own room and yes, full of toys, even if its a miniature room.