This is a collection of paintings and drawings I created. All of these nature-inspired works are in various mediums. They were primarily made using acrylic paint, colored pencil, or ink.


I did this using colored pens to create an elephant/tree hybrid.


I drew this with colored pens to create an action shot. Even though it’s supposed to represent a single, stationary tree that is shaped like a crocodile jumping from water to snatch a bird.

Tree In Color

This was the first drawing I did using my colored ink pens just to try them out. I then moved on to create the animal/tree fusions that you see in the same colors in my grouped works.

Forest In Color

I drew this from my imagination and colored it with Prismacolors.

Hostile Environment

This is a large drawing I did in ink that is about 19″ x 26″ and took about 50 hours to draw.

Shadow Dweller

I love dinosaurs, so I drew this with Prismacolors to depict an ancient world.

Birds Of A Feather

This is a commission I did for a woman who gave it to her husband as a gift since he loves owls.


This is an acrylic painting I did that is inspired by disturbing image I saw as a child riding my bike near a lake. Someone had stuck a decapitated rabbit’s head on a tree branch and the image stayed with me.

Another World And Time

This is a large drawing I did that is about 19″ x 26″ and took about 50 hours to create. I have others that are the same size and took about the same amount of documented hours to draw since the drawing is full of details.

Orangutan In The Rain

I drew this from a National Geographic photo reference using ink and a pointillism technique.

Among Giants

This is a much smaller drawing that I did showing animals that are tiny compared to the massive tree they are near. This work was purchased by a friend of mine.

Fear Of The Unknown

This is a large acrylic painting I did of a creature that is afraid of the viewer or some unknown oppressor.


Small forest scene I drew from my mind using pen and ink.

Lizard Temple

50+ hour drawing I did in ink. I love animals and really like drawing reptiles, so this is an ancient world where they thrived. This is a work that was purchased by a fan of my art.

Paths And Encounters

A pen drawing of a forest and rushing river.

Untitled (Forest)

This ink drawing is a unique scene I imagined that has strange trees and waterfalls.