When I was at art school, our teachers would stand behind us and scrutinize the drawing and say ‘you’re not looking hard enough’.

So I designed a piece of software in collaboration with a company called Tobaii, the world leaders in eye tracking technology. They make it possible for sensors to detect exactly where you are looking. The technology works by shining infra-red light straight into the eyes. The reflections are recorded by a camera through multi-algorithms and filters which allow eye movement to immediately be translated onto a screen. After many months of trail and error, we created a piece of code that would allow my eyes to draw a freestyle line, directly onto a computer screen, according to the different sensitivities of my eyes. I can predetermine the thickness of the line and color and then stare at the screen. As I begin to move my eyes, the line moves. No arms, no pencils or brushes. I am drawing with my eyes.

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When I was at art school, our teachers would stand behind us and say ‘you’re not looking hard enough’

The trouble is, there is a lot of process going on between your eyes looking at something and then transferring that information to your brain, down your arms through your pencil and onto the paper

I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to draw directly using just my eyes?

So I designed a piece of software [that use] eye tracking technology and allow my eyes to draw directly onto a computer screen

I draw the lines in my mind’s eye and sooner or later a face appears. I work with this trusting my unconscious

The lines appear like digital charcoal markings. I then print the more successful ones onto white marble

Concentrating on screen