The reality of women’s underwear seems to be one big dirty secret.

Like most public understanding of women’s worth, women’s underwear is similarly one-dimensional. The general public is only exposed too a single type of women’s underwear, the sexy or the cute. These garments are stringy, lacy, silky, and well hated by the vagina. The truth is, many women’s underwear is roomy, made of cotton, and filled with years of period stains.

My pregnancy and delivery taught me a very clear message. I am amazing. Just to be clear, my body: grew a human being, pushed that human being out, and then became it’s only source of food for the proceeding months. Let there be no mistake, females are absolutely, incredibly, unmistakably, astoundingly amazing.

Now, back to the underwear. Even though, menstruating is (in my opinion) a clear indicator of female power and a divine-like characteristic, women hide the evidence. The “Underwear” drawing series attempts to take these garments out of hiding and describes them as sacred in its golden frames and beautiful in the luscious detailing.

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