I am never a good cook and the Ridiculous Recipe started as a personal feed for my mother, showing her what i cooked for myself after moving out and away from my hometown. In the beginning I snapped pictures of my cooking but they look very boring and sometimes too pathetic for a proper meal, so i decided to brighten it up a bit so I look less like a loser in the kitchen. As I go along I sometimes run out of new food ingredients to cook and draw, so i started injecting inedible objects and daily experience into my works: a picnic in the deer park, a trip to Barcelona / Venice, people i am meeting (and what they cook instead of me cooking)… Mixing up everything that has become a recipe of my own life, with no measurements like how life just happens!

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Ham & Potato – as a recipe, flavour not guaranteed

Chicken Waffle

Deer Salad

Mother’s Day drawing for my Mother

Tortilla Pizza

Trip to Venice

Trip to Barcelona

Met someone that cooks better than me

Same person still a better cook than me