“Dragos Voda” Reserve from Vanatori, Neamt, Romania, is the only reserve in Europe where the bison are free. The reserve was established in 1968, and after about two years later it enjoyed the first three specimens of bison brought here from Poland. In 1977, another 5 copies were to be joined, and a few years later, other animals (multimers, deers, pheasants) were brought to the distance.

Along the time, the bison were moved and replaced with other from Berne.

At present, the reserve prides itself on 28 bison, from which only 7 can be visited by tourists. Concidered unfortunately, that this animals are on the verge of extinction, local authorities and associations that support them, have available about 180 hectares of forest for the others 21 bison.For those who want to see and the others can go through the woods to meet them.

More info: tinutulzimbrului.ro