We are two good friends from Romania sharing our passion for beauty, photography and art. We love to have storytelling as in expression, body language, emotion in our images. For us, photography is more than technique and composition because it talks through light about emotions, places, life, culture or people. Photography is our way to express what we see, feel, think, to make public our inner being, our state of mind.

Our project started as a game with the idea of mirroring our personality as a single being, incorporating our experiences, our desires, our fears. It took us almost 4 months to complete. In order to realize it we moved together to Tina’s house (and town). Creating the images allowed us to explore our identities, to know our self and each other and to convey certain moments and feelings that we once had. Each image is part of us, part of our feelings, part of our experiences and part of our soul. Photography is our mirror and we love it.

During the course of project implementation we both had fun and dangerous moments, we were really close to be bitten by 5 immense dogs, we endured really cold weather, and we almost fell in a frozen lake. We laughed, we had fun, we learned from each other and from our experiences, we lived beautiful moments.

For us it’s also important to inspire others, to make them find themselves in our images. Even though each image has a title we want people to associate and interpret the images in their own way.

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To the wonderland







Different shapes


20 past ten



Keepers of time



Same life to live