DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag was created by a group of pet lovers to provide an affordable and active solution to help you locate your pets if they ever get lost. It uses Bluetooth® Smart technology paired with the DOTT mobile app to provide a community of people who can help you find your lost pets.

DOTT has no monthly fee and a long battery life; It was designed to be a normal part for your pet’s everyday life. It sets up a virtual leash with your phone and it alerts you if your pet breaks the leash. You can also create a pet owner group by adding all your family members and share the leashing function and pet profile with everyone in the group.

Through Kickstarter, we aim to bring our product to the US in an impactful way by building a community of people who will be active and supportive in helping others find their lost pets — even before the product launches! That way, when your DOTT arrives, it will prevent you from losing your pets while providing the insurance of community support in case you do.

We will continue to improve DOTT, making it better and enriching the app with more and more functions. But only you can help us reach our goal to create a global platform where pet owners and friends can actively help each other to find pets and prevent heartache.

At $25 you can own a DOTT and have it custom engraved with your pet’s name.

And if you don’t have the DOTT app already, you can download it for free:


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DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag for Pets

DOTT creates a virtual leash to keep track of your pets. If they get lost, our community will help you find them.

Cool new technology

designed to give pet and owner a peace of mind.

DOTT The Smart Dog Tag

Lightweight, durable and waterproof and perfect for a day at the dog park, where you and all your fellow pet owners can keep your pups nearby!

Look how happy these pups are!

Say NO MORE to lost pets!