Do dogs show expressions? You bet they do and one of my favourite dogs to kick off my Dogspressions series showing just this is the Irish Deerhound.

Big hello out there, I’m Deb, photographer and owner of Fur Babies & Friends Photography Tasmania Australia
Irish Deerhounds, large, wirey, gentle and packed with personality. I just adore these creatures oh and those faces. I have no idea what they are thinking but i do know they are not only soulful they are funny, they are quirky and they full of expression. If you ever get the chance to sit and watch these dogs, do it, they have such an incredible presence and just make you laugh, smile and feel good.

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Look at me, look at me

Hurry up, let’s get this over with

Hello gorgeous

Is this my best side, is it is it is it?

Is this smile big enough

Come on, i am trying to be sensible

I’m trying, do i smile or not?

If i look away she might go away

I shall look all knowing and full of wisdom