LA-based animal photographer Lara Jo Regan is going to put a smile on your face every month throughout 2014 with her latest Official Dogs in Cars Calendar. We are giving you a sneak peek of 8 photographs where dogs hang their heads out of car windows and enjoy a breeze hitting their faces.

The winner of the World Press Photo of the Year (2000) started with her friends’ dogs and later put some ads online to get different breeds for her photo-shoots. With an assistance of two other people who drove the cars and kept the dogs secure, the photographer managed to capture the joy and excitement of her models having a ride.

“I usually try to come up with ideas that are somewhat odd and complex to insure no one else is doing the same thing. But as an owner of three dogs living in the Los Angeles car culture, the idea was just staring me in the face. Most dogs become downright delirious over a car ride, and I wanted to capture this amazing primal energy in photographs beyond what I’d seen before,” says Regan.

Does your dog like car rides?

via: (Telegraphlaughingsquid)