“My wife and I hired a dog sitter to watch our dog, Wilson, while we went on a 10-day vacation. These are the daily video updates we are getting…” writes Wilson’s human dad on his YouTube channel. During the whole vacation, the dog sitter kept both the dog and the owners entertained by sending hilarious videos of the couple’s dog dressed in different outfits.

“Our Dog Sitter is a family friend and unfortunately we need it to be this way since Wilson is partially disabled,” Wilson’s human dad told Bored Panda. “He tore both of his cruciate ligaments when he was 2 years old and also had a severely pinched nerve in his neck. He can only leave the house for 5mins a day. Our dog sitter knows all of his meds and the restraints Wilson is under from an activity perspective. That’s why Wilson is so good with him when he dresses him up because that’s the only form of tricks Wilson learned due to his disabilities. It keeps him super excited (HE LOVES TREATS).”

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Thank you, Wilson’s human dad, for talking to Bored Panda about your wonderful dog and his sitter!