Dogs will forever be known on the internet as the ‘good boys’ with hundreds of adorable photos and countless heroic deeds to back the title up. This, perhaps, was the inspiration behind a writing prompt that user Epidexipteryx posted on Reddit a week ago. The prompt was titled ‘When a beloved dog passes in the hereafter, they are given a choice. They can cross the Rainbow Bridge and await for their owners, or join the Sleepless Watch and defend the world from evil spirits’, and inspired many writing entries, but one of them truly stood out in the crowd. 6 days ago, user Euthenios responded with a short story that quickly gathered attention as people responded with almost 3k upvotes and hundreds of comments. We have to admit that it made us cry, so scroll down and read the story below. Oh, and grab some napkins, because we’re sure you’re gonna need them!

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Dogs will forever be known on the internet as the ‘good boys’ with countless heroic deeds to back the title up


Image credits: suetot (not the actual photo)

Perhaps that was the inspiration behind this writing prompt posted a week ago on Reddit


With many writing entries that followed, one posted by user Euthenios stood out the most


People on the internet responded with their emotional reactions