I love sculpting jewelry wax because it allows me to make beautiful 3D designs.

Here’s the process in pictures from wax to a beautiful finished silver ring.

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This is the finished ring

This is where it all started – a rough sketch on a piece of paper

I start sculpting from a block of wax which is specific for ring making since it already has the hole in the middle for the finger

I sketch on the wax the general outlines so I can start filing down to them

I’ve reached the general shape, filled it nicely and engraved the center. Now I have to make the details

Here I’ve made the hole where the stone will be set

I engraved the celtic designs in the wax

Here it’s ready to be cast in metal. I have also hollowed it inside so it will be lighter in weight

I handed the wax ring to the caster I work with

I’ve recieved it from casting, how fun! Now the ring is in sterling silver

I have to file the ring nicely and solder the 2 bezels for the stones

Here I’m setting the blue topaz stones in their bezels

And we have a finished ring!

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