Three years ago, my Harry Potter-loving daughter Willow and I decided to turn a wall of her bedroom into Hogwarts. Several bouts of inspiration & hard work later, loads of DIY and some trips to thrift stores, it’s gotten way out of hand: there’s not a single corner of her room that hasn’t been turned into a Harry Potter paradise – without spending tons of money on expensive merchandise.

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The mural that started it all

The chest was old, rusty and bright green. It now has a golden Hogwarts crest and my daughter’s name in calligraphy on top.

View from the other side

Frontal view of the big mural

Close-up of Harry on his broom


I’m probably most proud of how his cape turned out. Shading took ages!

A very tiny Hagrid’s house on the edge of the Forbidden Forest

The white dots are glow in the dark lights, so at night, the forest lights up – as do some of the Hogwarts windows.

Study corner


Close-up of the study corner

With a small-but-growing collection of Funko Pop!s (one of the few things we’re just buying instead of DIYing) and gorgeous velvet curtains.

Details on the desk


Another close-up of the desk corner

With a made-up view and a window inspired by an old church.

Where she sleeps

With a view of Scotland (taken from a Prisoner of Azkaban frame), a painted Gryffindor banner, and books at her disposal at all times.

Books & Gryffindor flag

This is her reading corner under the bed


Cozy pillows, and a fireplace! (And fish. And Dobby.)

Dobby is a freeee elffff


Portrait Gallery

Some Hogwarts things (tiny mirror of Erised, Ariana Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore), some photos of my daughter, some art postcards, and a huge portrait I painted myself.


Overview with bookcase

And you can see the transition from the bed area to the desk area.

Top shelves of the bookcase

DIY potion bottles made from empty glass vials and bottles.

The bed

Of course, the Fat Lady welcomes you