I believe ‘the god is in the details’. Man and nature are essentially indivisible and inseparable. The intricate details, shapes, colors, fragrances, and the elements are the essential ingredients for soothing the mind, body and soul. Consciously observing the environment reveals the innate beauty. Paying direct attention to the extravagant beauty and elaborate details of the natural world without judgement triggers the feeling of divine happiness.

Children have the inherent ability to connect with nature, it is the natural design of life. As we grow the connection is lost, we become materialistic and egoistic. Thankfully, the human mind is highly malleable and it can be primed to re-connect to the natural world. The serenity and unparalleled manifestations of the natural world has the miraculous power to heal soulfully.

Nature is a natural distraction that can naturally heal the mind. A healthy mind is vital for a calm and balanced life. Connect with nature – connect with each other – live an inspired life.