A new series of cool drawings by French illustrator, painter and graphic designer Pez (Pierre-Yves Riveau) called Distroy twists some of our most recognizable cartoon characters and pop-culture icons, giving them a new, terrifying, gritty and urban appearance.

The creepy drawings have become a fresh hit on the Behance art sharing network. His unique artworks are both inviting and unsettling because he takes famous characters from pop culture and/or our childhood and tears them apart, making them seem decayed and far less innocent. They seem to be rotting and fraying apart into fibers, and parts of them are replaced by garbage or street art graffiti. Most of the popular characters have lost all of their characteristic bright colors, although they still retain eery remnants of the expressions that we know and love.

In some ways, the style of his pencil drawings reminds us of DALeast, a Chinese street artist with a similarly striking drawing ideas that uses fraying fibers.

Riveau is a very prolific artist, so if you like what you see, it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of his work. As cool as these street-style childhood icons are, they only scratch the surface – he has plenty of other work done in his characteristic gritty urban style. Check it out!

Source: pez-artwork.com | Facebook