I began making fun bento lunches for my daughter when she started kindergarten almost four years ago. I have no art or cooking background, but I found that I could somehow cut food into character shapes. The experience has brought us closer together and now my oldest son gets them as well.

My entire family shares a love of Disney movies and Disneyland. Because of this, a number of the lunches that I have made are Disney themed. I normally use ingredients that many American parents already have in their kitchens. I spend about 30 minutes once a week making these. They are a highlight of the week for my kids and me.

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Finding Nemo Lunch

Nemo was created using dried mango and yogurt covered raisins for eyes. The background is blue Jello. The turtle is snap peas and broccoli.

Inside Out Lunch

Joy is a sandwich made with tortillas and edible modeling dough on top. The fruit makes up the colors of the emotions and are ball shaped because of the memories.

Zootopia Lunch

Officer Judy is a sandwich made out of whole bread, cream cheese, and jam. Nick Wilde is a sweet pepper with cheese and a tie made out of edible modeling dough.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lunch

Jack is made from white rice and nori with a black rice background. Oogie Boogie is cut from nori and placed on cheese. The presents are made out of dried mango.

Classic Mickey And Minnie Mouse Lunch

Both characters are made out of hard boiled eggs and olives. They are surrounded by dried and fresh fruit.

Mulan Lunch

She is made with pancake scraps, nori, and spinach tortilla.

The Avengers Lunch

This has a whole wheat bread and cheese Avengers sandwich, hard boiled Hulk egg, Thor’s pretzel stick and Rice Krispie treat hammer, Captain America berry and cream cheese shield, dried fruit Scarlett Witch hex-spheres, and a black widow plastic ring for fun.

Planes Lunch

Dusty is a cheese and bread sandwich. The flames are dried mango above broccoli trees.

It’s a Small World Lunch

The castle is tortilla and nut free spread. The little girl is Babybel cheese and salami with dried blueberry background.

Tinker Bell Lunch

Tink is made out of cheese, bread, and green spinach tortilla. The letters are apples in applesauce.