If you love fashion and Disney characters, we've just discovered you're new favorite Instagram.

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Artist Gregory Masouras created incredible mashups on his Instagram by replacing models with Disney princesses and other characters. Gigi Hadid gets transformed into Elsa, Kendall Jenner gets a Snow White makeover and even the Edna Mode as Anna Wintour.

Aside from the model mashups, Masouras also experiments with strategically placing animated characters in gorgeous photos. He aptly calls his work "#AnimationInReality" and we can't stop looking at it.

We have a feeling you won't be able to look away either.

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#8 Rapunzel As Paris Hilton

Rapunzel As Paris Hilton

Gregory Masouras Report

Hester Goldberg 1 month ago

Rapunzel 👍🏼 Paris👎🏼

#10 Jasmine As Kim Kardashian

Jasmine As Kim Kardashian

Gregory Masouras Report

Natalie Binebrink-Davis 1 month ago

Looks much better. Good job.

#14 Mulan As Donna Bae

Mulan As Donna Bae

Gregory Masouras Report

Hester Goldberg 1 month ago

That's a Nope for me