My name is Ran, or Ruslan, the choice is yours. I’m a son of two artist immigrants. My father is a painter and my mother is a musician. I have always seen art as a mean to explore the deepest unreachable emotions and tribulations of the soul.

I started studying film-making 4 years ago in an attempt to broaden my tool-set with which I explore the psyche. During that time in school I discovered a new method for me to combine my love for visuals and my constant journeys to the unknown that dwells within me.

I combine photographs that I’ve taken with stock footage I find online (sometimes I use my own drawings as well) in order to create these surreal digital photo-manipulations. I see this method as therapy. When I feel I’m about to fall into maddening sadness, I use this art of mine to pull me up again, to help me resolve my cluttered soul. I hope these creations can do the same for someone else.


Birth of a Siren

Window shopping





The Divide

We’re in this together