If you’re one of the most recognizable footballers in the world, you would surely expect a bust of your face to bear at least a passing resemblance to you, right?

Unfortunately the newly unveiled tribute to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo at the international airport on Madeira underwhelmed massively and received widespread ridicule.

What it needed was the creative eye of the DesignCrowd community which has a history of mocking-up celebrity memorials as if sculpted by the Classics.

The Photoshopped statues featuring more modern muses appear in metal and stone, and would certainly form a fitting tribute to the famous stars if they were ever created.

From a marble Benedict Cumberbatch to a bronze Bruce Willis, the designers were able to capture the character in a classic context.

More info: blog.designcrowd.com

Benedict Cumberbatch

Patrick Stewart

Alfred Hitchcock

Bruce Willis

Napoleon Dynamite

Will Ferrell

Hugh Jackman

Anthony Hopkins

Seth Rogan

Willem Dafoe