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Dennis the Dieting Dog Loses 79% of His Body Weight With Healthy Habits
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Dennis the Dieting Dog Loses 79% of His Body Weight With Healthy Habits


Dennis is a 6-year-old dachshund that lost 79% of his body-weight over a year. When Brooklyn Burton, from West Columbus, Ohio, rescued him from relatives, he weighed a whopping 56lb (25.4kg) compared to his present 12lb (5.4kg). Dennis had been overfed on human food, including burgers and pizza.

“I controlled what he ate and exercised him and the pounds just melted off. Fancy that — just like humans, it’s all diet and exercise,” Burton told The Scoop.

Three surgeries have removed Dennis’ excess skin to make walking easier; strangers covered most of the costs. Inspired by this kindness, Burton is starting the Dennis’ Legacy fund, which will help obese dogs and cats in need.

More info: Dennis’ Legacy (h/t: cesarsway)

Dennis the dachshund lived with a family that fed him burgers and pizza

Over the years, he grew to weigh 56lb (25.4kg)

He had trouble walking and was often out of breath

Fortunately, Dennis was rescued by Brooklyn Burton from West Columbus, Ohio

“There was no way I could walk away from that little guy knowing what his living conditions were and how unhealthy and unhappy he was”


With a regular diet and exercise, he lost 44lb (19.95kg) over 12 months

But Dennis found it hard to walk with all the extra skin

He needed another 3 surgeries before he wasn’t afraid to move

Many strangers helped pay for Dennis’ surgery

Now, Dennis weighs just 12lb (5.4kg)

Burton founded the Dennis’ Legacy fund to help other obese pets


“As a dog mom I grew in so many ways when I took on Dennis, he has taught me so much”


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