epiphany studios makes a variety of unique wine decanters, all designed by April Wagner. Our decanters marry form with function and are meant to be stunning enough to want to look at them all the time and decant so well you want to use them every day! Here’s a look at the variety of decanters created at the studio in Pontiac, MI and a look at how they’re made!

More info: epiphanyglass.com

Each style is an exceptional example of well-crafted, beautiful design

The Bubble Decanter set is both elegant and playful. The bubbles appear suspended in the glass and sparkle beautifully in the light

The Kayan decanter set is named after the traditional forms worn by the indigenous women in Sarawak and Borneo. The blue rings surround the decanter and glasses, elevating them from functional objects to art

The Crackle Decanter set is created by shocking the hot glass in a bath of cold water. The result is visually striking and each piece has its own unique pattern

The Gold and Silver Liquor Decanter sets add style and flair to your cocktail hour

The Stella Decanter is timeless and classic. This elegant design lends itself beautifully to any wine collection

The Tornado Decanter is one of April’s most unique signature pieces. The inner structure decants the wine allowing for maximum aeration and a stunning presentation. April uses traditional techniques and adds her own flair

Watch this video to see how one of these decanters is made!