Attention: Don’t skip over the video. It starts out a little slow, but you have to give it time to really appreciate the artist’s work.

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello, together with a team of animators and a photographer, has created what is possibly one of the best face-to-face look at the aging process. “The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself,” said Cerniello.

Unlike other time lapse aging video, Cerniello took a whole new route. To start the project, Cerniello went to his friend Danielle’s family reunion together with photographer Keith Sirchio and took photos of almost all of her family members with the photographer’s Hasselblad camera. They then sorted through the photographs to find which family members had the most similar facial bone structures.

Finally, Cerniello had several animators and video artists combine the images into a single video using After Effects, 3D Studio Max and Nuke software. The result is a seamless aging process for a single person that is really a composite of several family members.

The video may seem slow for some, but we encourage readers to give it some time. Once you start noticing the subtle aging process, you will see just how much work has been put into getting it right. Watching the youth melt away from this young girl’s face is eerie and hypnotizing. (via: petapixel, thisiscolossal)